Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stuck In A Rut

          I must say that I sometimes find myself getting rather annoyed with technology. Technology can be great when used appropriately. Sometimes, however, it begins to feel like a gimmick, or a show-and-tell over who has the shiniest, newest product. Why does it matter who uses a Mac and who uses a PC? Why do I need to know which is better: the iPhone or the iPad? Sometimes I simply feel like running face first into a brick wall. If I am purchasing new materials for my classroom, then yes, I suppose I will be doing my research before making any purchases. What are the customer reviews like? How do the products compare in price? Which product seems to run into fewer difficulties? I don't think technology should be the be all and end all though.
          I found the conversation over real books vs. electronic books to be hilarious today. You can buy 90 books, or you can buy 90 expensive electronic devices on which to read the books. Really? How many schools are going to allow teachers to run out and spend thousands of dollars on these things? Would students be allowed to take them home? I highly doubt it. So what, we "give up" hours of class time for independent reading because that's the only time and place the students can use these devices? It just doesn't seem reasonable to me. I'm getting so annoyed by the amount of time I'm spending on my computer this term. I seem to spend hours doing my homework on the computer every day. I'm not just being dramatic when I say I think my eyesight is getting worse. My eyes end up exhausted, and I end up squinting by the time I'm finishing up. I've definitely heard that from other people as well. So would books not be the "healthier" option?
          Why, when students are spending so much time fairly isolated with their technological devices, are we not focusing more on socializing? We've increased the number of physical education credits because students aren't getting enough exercise anymore. I would say it's fairly safe to venture that this is largely due to the number of hours they spend online, playing video games, etc. I'm pretty sure gym teachers aren't having students play video games in gym so that they exercise their thumbs. Could a similar context not also apply to other subject areas? When technology is the best method for teaching or learning, then by all means, we should be using it. If there are other options that will work just as well, if not better, why not introduce or immerse our students in those methods or activities too? That way they're gaining more exposure to other methods of learning.


  1. This post did become a bit "ranty", but I'm sure you're aware of that :). So of course in good fashion, I shall follow suit. You did bring up some good points. We shouldn't dive headlong into purchasing new technology we haven't researched and that’s extremely expensive. I also don't understand the whole Mac vs. PC thing...(probably because I'm a pc user). I feel like if I spent time on a mac, I'd be converted like every single other person I know out there...on this side of the fence, Mac seems like a frightening cult...they convert you…you spend more money…and then you go forth tell everyone else how great mac is…once your in, your in for life and you never look back!! As a PC, I'm forced to endure that belittling comments from mac users about their superior technology and ease of use! *tears*. Of course I'm completely joking! Hopefully no one takes offense to this! Some of my best friends are mac user (you know who you are) and I'm sure I'll be converted sometime soon. Both are good, having advantages and disadvantages. I think we need to focus on using what we do have and how to use it! Or what we are most likely to have in the classroom...which is probably not an ipad...not yet anyways.

  2. I would be so sad if books got replaced by book readers!! I LOVE BOOKS!! Books are my favourite part about going back to school! What about libraries? What about Chapters? What about lovely bookshelves organized with lovely books? What about making notes in the margins? Nope, I think that I will definitely still be using books for a long time! We'll have to form our own, classic book club!